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Act on climate change!  Eliminate your personal carbon footprint. Any action you take on global warming is an example to others in your workplace, at home, within your family and social networks.  If you would like us to help you make your workplace or business carbon neutral, please complete the contact us form below.


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The average Australian household produces approximately 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. Car use (34%) and water heating (16%) account for the largest percentage of household emissions. Luckily, you don’t need to make major sacrifices or outlay large amounts of money to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

The challenge of climate change is the greatest man-made threat that the earth has ever faced.  It is a problem that is global in reach and affects all aspects of human life.  It is easy to feel like that the actions of an individual won’t make a difference but the truth is that to successfully contain global warming all sections of society must take joint action

The reality is that living a no carbon lifestyle is not difficult or costly.  Making some small changes to how you live can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.  We can show you how.  Areas to focus on include motor vehicle use, water heating and other electricity use.

The greatest emissions for households come from motor vehicle usage.  Choose a low emissions vehicle.  It will help the environment and you will save on running costs.  Avoid motor vehicle use, where possible.  Use public transport, walk or ride a bike instead.  The environment will thank you and it is good for your health.

Of course, you may not be able to avoid using your car all together but you can offset the unavoidable emissions from your motor vehicle use by purchasing carbon offsets.  To offset the emissions from your motor vehicle use, please click here.

To reduce your emissions from water heating consider installing water saving showerheads, install a gas or solar hot water system, wash your clothes with cold water, avoid running hot water and take shorter showers.  To reduce your overall electricity usage switch or power off appliances, televisions and computers when they are not being used.  When replacing appliances and white goods choose energy efficient models and when choosing a new television select a low wattage model.

To find out more, click here, to access our Reduction Tips Home page.  Once you have taken all measures possible to reduce your climate change impact you can purchase carbon offsets to eliminate your remaining footprint.

Offset your unavoidable emissions

Once you have taken all measures possible to reduce your climate change impact you can purchase carbon offsets to eliminate your remaining footprint.  Carbon offsets are offered by projects that bring about a reduction in, or replacement of, greenhouse gas emissions.  We promote carbon offset projects that meet our stringent criteria.  To read more about how we select our carbon offset projects, please click here.


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