‘Sukin Organics Now Available on Amazon.com’

“Sukin, a company that produces affordable, natural skin care solutions, has announced that its products are now available for purchase on Amazon.com. The Australian company, which offers high-quality cosmetic items at affordable prices, is known for its commitment to sustainability in all that it does. Certified carbon-neutral, Sukin provides its customers peace of mind that the skin care products they purchase will not harm the environment.”


‘Making it easy to reduce carbon emissions across Australia’ – Business World Australia

“The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) has solidified a reputation for offering tangible solutions to companies looking to reduce or even eliminate their carbon footprint. Using a branded NoCO2 Certification Program, they offer their clients a way that they can display and promote their emission status as well as the investment they have made in reducing their contribution of greenhouse gas.”

Read more: http://www.businessworld-australia.com.au/australian-business-associations/the-carbon-reduction-institute/

‘Sydney New Year’s Eve: making a mark without lasting impressions on the environment’ – City of Sydney

“Sydney’s biggest and most spectacular New Year’s party in just over a week’s time will be our greenest and most sustainable yet. “Everything we do here at the City is in harmony with Sustainable Sydney 2030, and Sydney New Year’s Eve is no exception,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP.”