Source Direct celebrates 10 years Carbon Neutral!

Source Direct provides bespoke water bottles and uniquely different premium products to their customers.  Source Direct pride themselves on an unmatched dedication to customer service and delivering a product that is desirable and exceeds their client’s expectations.  Source Direct understands that the Industry in which they work generates greenhouse gas emissions in producing and distributing products. They also recognise “the urgent need to protect our natural environment and find more sustainable ways for our businesses to move forward together”.

Founder Ross Files explained; “I was aware of the importance of sustainability and that businesses needed to do more; so when we established Source Direct we decided to do it right from the outset; measuring, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint and to encourage recycling of our products.”

Ross added, “We engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute in 2009 to fully measure the carbon footprint of our business; including our products.  We then entered into a carbon offsetting program to achieve carbon neutrality across all of our products and operations.”

To encourage recycling of their products, Source Direct are registered suppliers for SA, NSW, QLD and the ACT EPA Container Deposit Schemes and can facilitate local purchase compliance into those States.  They are also strongly committed to social causes. Source Direct makes regular donations to the Clown Doctors, a company which eases the stress of sick, hospitalised children.

To achieve NoCO2 carbon neutral certification, Source Direct undertook a carbon audit of their business and achieved net zero emissions through emissions reductions and carbon offsetting.  Source Direct offsets their emissions by investing in Biomass Projects in India.  

Biomass projects are implemented in small or large industrial plants. Their aim is to utilise agricultural waste or other non-renewable biomass residues as fuel to generate power and to lower the plants’ dependence on the local grid for electricity.  Before these projects were implemented, the agricultural residues were not used. They were either burned without harnessing the resulting thermal energy, or simply left to decay, thereby generating methane emissions.

Since November 2009 Source Direct have offset over 4,200 tonnes of CO2e (greenhouse gas) emissions which is the equivalent of taking 1,167 Toyota Corollas off the road for an entire year!

If you’re looking for custom label water bottles or uniquely different products for your business, event or promotion, be sure to check out Source Directs’ product range and experience their first-class customer service.  

Most importantly; when purchasing Source Directs’ products, you’ll know you’re making a difference!

Transdirect: Saving more than your bottom line with Carbon Neutral Delivery Service

The problem with the transport sector
In the year to March 2019, transport accounted for 18.8 per cent of Australia’s national carbon account inventory. Emissions from transport over the year to March 2019 increased by 1.3 per cent when compared with the previous year; at a time when emissions need to be reducing to achieve IPCC global temperature increase targets. Transdirect is aware of the environmental impact of the freight and logistics industry and have been concerned about their contribution to the problem for several years.

Transdirect Directors take personal responsibility
Transdirect directors, Trent Alexander and Nigel Beale decided to take personal responsibility for the environmental impact of Transdirect on behalf of Transdirect and its’ customers. Trent advised, “becoming Carbon Neutral certified is a huge step in the right direction for ensuring the protection of our environment.”

The choice to go carbon neutral was a natural step for Transdirect. Trent explained;

“As parents, Nigel and I feel personally responsible for creating change in an industry that has a huge impact on the environment. Making our delivery service 100% carbon neutral is one significant step towards creating leading work practices and an environmentally positive business model. We want all children for generations to live in and enjoy a healthy environment.”

An option for climate conscious consumers and businesses
Transdirect wanted to provide a service that would allow a proactive choice by consumers and businesses to support a carbon neutral service and the transition to a low carbon economy. Trent explained it this way:

“People are keenly aware of what’s happening in the environment right now. Often, they don’t know what to do or how to help. So, we are stepping in to provide a pro-active choice in a critical service industry, to say, work with a business who actively cares about the environment”.

Transdirect puts its’ money where its’ mouth is
Trent explained that offering a carbon neutral delivery service has a financial cost but that it is worth it to protect our environment and the future of our children. He said in relation to the carbon neutral delivery service;

“It’s a cost we are funding, but it’s worth it to ensure the future of this earth. Every action counts; and this is a monumental decision for our business. Every service our customers book will now be fully audited and carbon offset. We are ensuring that the carbon generated by our partners and suppliers is offset too; so every time you book with us you are supporting a carbon neutral shipping service.”

Transdirect Environmental Action
From September 1st, 2019 all Transdirect delivery services are certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute under the NoCO2 Program. Transdirect undertook the following process:

1. Commissioned an emissions assessment of their courier services from CRI to quantify the carbon footprint of their courier services. CRI’s assessment relied upon delivery-specific data from Transdirect, as well as published sources of relevant data and emissions factors.
2. Committed to offset the emissions associated with their carbon neutral courier services through the purchase of units in approved renewable energy projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and
3. Committed to ongoing auditing of their courier service emissions by reporting carbon neutral courier services to CRI on a quarterly basis.

Transdirect carbon offsets its’ emissions through the China Wind Project which provides a renewable, clean energy source for power generation. Wind projects partially displace electricity currently generated from grid-connected conventional fossil fuel-based thermal power plants, thereby reducing overall emissions. Furthermore, by reducing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, the China Wind Project also provides public health and local environmental benefits.

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Jasper Coffee celebrates 10 years as a certified carbon neutral business!

Founded in 1989, Jasper Coffee is an Australian family owned speciality coffee roaster. They hold in stock Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin beans, Blends, Fairtrade, Organic & Specialty Coffees. Jasper Coffee roast and blend to perfection the highest quality Single Origin AA Grade Arabicas.

Jasper Coffee is dedicated to re-humanising the coffee supply chain and eliminating their environmental impact. They are strongly committed to coffee growers and the environment. This has manifested in their Certifications for Organic, Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral; along with their search for Shade Grown coffees, and extend to the cleaning products they use, the cars they drive, the compostable packaging they use; and the economic and social benefits Jasper Coffee direct to producers.

To achieve NoCO2 carbon neutral certification Jasper Coffee underwent a NoCO2 audit with Carbon Reduction Institute which gave them a complete, stepwise ’emissions inventory’ of their business. By reviewing and assessing their NoCO2 Report; Jasper Coffee was able to understand areas where their impact could be reduced, and the level of unavoidable emissions generated via their operations and products.

Jasper Coffee reduces its’ avoidable emissions, wherever possible, and offsets the unavoidable emissions of their operations and products by supporting cookstove projects in Peru. Under the NoCO2 Program, Jasper Coffee is a certified carbon neutral business and their products are also certified carbon neutral. Jasper coffee, and their products, have been certified under the NoCO2 Program since April 2009.

To enjoy a great tasting, satisfying cup of coffee, visit a Jasper Coffee café concept store. They are a great place to disembark and relax to tell stories over light meals and sweet treats… not to mention the great coffee. You can also order online. To start the journey of Exploration, Adventure and Obsession of Jasper’s World of Coffee, please go to the link below:

Author: Garth Mulholland, Environmental Programs Adviser, Carbon Reduction Institute,

Clean Up Australia is now carbon neutral according to announcement from the Carbon Reduction Institute

Clean Up Australia is excited to announce that it is now carbon neutral, after working closely with the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to audit their operations and offset unavoidable emissions.

According to Ian Kiernan AO, founder and Chairman of Clean Up Australia, the environmental organisation is extremely proud to take this step to further their commitment in the fight against climate change.

“Achieving Carbon Neutral Certification to ensure that our office footprint is carbon neutral was an obvious step for us,” said Ian Kiernan.
“In our business activities, we all need to do more than just recycle paper, and going through the audit process with CRI to achieve our new certification shows that we are prepared to do more than just talk the talk.”

“It is our way of setting a good example for other businesses to follow and become more environmentally savvy; to become carbon neutral.”

As part of the process Clean Up Australia worked with the Carbon Reduction Institute to measure and audit its outputs and help reduce their carbon emissions. This valuable information allowed them to identify business operations which generated the most carbon emissions and investigate ways to reduce these emissions and subsequently reduce the overall environmental impact of the business.

Customers use the audit report to gain an understanding of where they have the greatest impact on the environment and what opportunities they have to reduce that impact, said Rob Cawthorne, Managing Director and founder of the Carbon Reduction Institute.

“We are pleased to announce that Clean Up Australia has achieved carbon neutral status after working with us to audit their business,” said Rob Cawthorne.

“The successful NoCO2 certification attests that greenhouse gas emissions produced from the operations and services of Clean Up Australia have been calculated by the Carbon Reduction Institute, and carbon offsets accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard have been purchased to offset 100% of these emissions.”

“This achievement is a wonderful example to the business community.”

For further information and interviews with Ian Kiernan AO, founder and chairman of Clean Up Australia, or Terrie-Ann Johnson, Managing Director and environmental activist, please contact Tracey Wigg on 0419 141 266.