Every Dutch Train Now Runs on Wind Power

Electric trains have already been a popular and more sustainable mode of transport as compared to any other in Northern Europe. The trains emit a lot less carbon as compared to fossil fuel cased transport systems, but recently, the Netherlands has taken this to the next level.

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NASA has developed a system to document the movement of Carbon Dioxide on earth

Carbon dioxide within the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing at an alarming rate. For some people, believing in climate change is difficult because they cannot see the odourless and colourless gas increasing. The only way it has been documented is through the melting of the ice caps and glaciers on earth.

NASA knows how important it is to address this drastic problem that the world is facing and have found a way to document the movement of the gas in and above the Earth’s atmosphere. The concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere depends on human activity such as burning fossil fuels and the movement and change happens throughout seasons.

NASA has developed an observation system where the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) satellite can create a 3-D model of the earth’s surface and catch movements of the gas based on emissions. The system has been in development since 2014 and now is able to document the concentration and behaviour of Carbon in the atmosphere.

The process involves a supercomputer project which can combine images from satellites and give alarming realistic images based on a sophisticated model of the Earth’s surface. The visualization involves works like a graph where the gas can be detected by different colours which show the intensity and movement of the gas simultaneously.

The movement has been documented from September 2014 till September 2015 and has shown remarkable high resolution results to study the Earth. People on Earth know less about their own planet as compared to the stars and other galaxies. Since climate change has become an extremely important and global issue, NASA has made it their top priority to show the people of Earth what they are doing to it.

The Earth’s atmosphere needs to be studied because this will ultimately predict the future climate and temperature of the Earth. There have been recent heavy weather changes in South Asia and Northern Parts of the United States. Scientists at NASA are using this system to see how much time does it take for the gas to stay in the Earth’s atmosphere and how long does it take for the gas to escape.

NASA has released a video on YouTube showing the documented change and at the end of the video they show a message says “Your planet is changing, we’re on it.’

This is a great service provided by NASA in efforts to fight climate change and provide significant evidence for the people who are still adamant on the fact that climate change is a hoax. President Donald Trump who still believes that there is no such thing as climate change needs to see these changes with his eyes in order to start controlling the carbon emission in his country. China and the United States alone make up for 40% of the carbon emission on the planet and unless an effort is made, we might be heading towards a dangerous future.

Tesla’s Nevada ‘Gigafactory’, to Be Powered 100% by Solar Energy

Elon Musk is one of the visionaries who has constantly been contributing to the world by connecting both climate change and advanced technology and bringing the world the Tesla Model S which last year was the second best selling plug-in car after Nissan Leaf.

With their new ‘Gigafactory’ on its way to finalization and opening, the company is going to make one of the biggest contributions to the world, considering climate change and renewable energy sources. It was announced that the factory will be powered completely by solar energy.

This is a global game changer as the facility is said to produce lithium-ion batteries which means the company will take from a natural source and produce portable energy sources. The location for the factory is perfect as the Nevada sun is known for its high heat.

Tesla’s commitment to the cause was seen earlier this month, when the facility produced batteries were shown to investors on tour. The investors on tour were handed a document which showed the huge rooftop solar array along with a ground solar panel field that will be used to power up the entire facility.

Most technological companies today that have ambitions such as settling a colony of people on Mars or bringing new form of energy to the earth are all about fighting climate change and helping build an earth that can sustain and stop further damage.

Leonardo DiCaprio who is an acclaimed actor, an established Hollywood star and the Messenger of peace for the United Nations has made a documentary titled “Before the Flood.” The documentary has a section covering the new Tesla factory and Elon Musk addressing how renewable energy is the way to a stable future.

Musk talks about the big dogs of the Fossil Fuel industry and warns how these people are extremely powerful and heavily influential. Most people who are speaking against the adverse effects of climate change are people that have a direct stake in this huge industry, or will be affected if the industry was to go down.

Musk also added that this fight is huge and it is better to make people aware so that more and more people can speak against this problem creating waves all over the globe.

The fight against climate change is difficult, but it is not impossible. Taking an example out of history, Clair Cameron Patterson is the biggest example of victory over big industrialists when he had lead banned from fossil fuels and lining of food cans. The scientist was responsible for determining the closest estimate for the age of the earth and kept fighting against the big money generators of the lead industry.

All is not lost as there are still people like Elon Musk and Leonardo DiCaprio constantly struggling to bring the world to the realization that a huge change is needed in the way we live if we need the world to survive.

NASA shows Greenland Glaciers Melting through new imaging process

Climate change is a fact and NASA has released pictures that show significant proof. NASA recently took photographs of Greenland’s glaciers with their new survey instrument called the Glacier and Ice Surface Topography Interferometre (GLISTIN-A). This was done as part of the Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission which has been releasing data on the changes in height of the Greenland coastal glaciers since March 2016.

The mission has helped collect a lot of data for scientists studying environmental change and the people who hold interest in these findings. According to NASA, their new findings are complete and the final height of the glaciers which would be within 3 feet or less will be available for the public on February 1st 2017.

Glaciers have a nature of speeding up their melting process as they start to lose mass. The speeding up has to do with the specific heat capacity of the glaciers decreasing as they lose mass. The scientists working on the project aim to find the pattern of changes occurring in the heights of the glaciers. This way they will be able to predict the time required and the changes that will occur in colder parts of the world as the earth heats up further.

GLISTIN-A is very effective in mapping surface topography of a specific geographical location with accuracy and high resolution. The instrument is mounted on the aircraft which is why it allows for a much better study of Greenland’s coastal glaciers as compared to ground level and satellite study combined.

NASA is making their efforts in documenting the climate changes occurring on the Earth but President Donald Trump still seems to believe that it is a hoax. With such compelling evidence, it seems like the world needs to really start thinking about their individual carbon foot prints and what can be done to reduce this. Canada has already taken measures to implement a Carbon Tax in their country which did raise a lot of questions and faced heavy criticism, but what needs to be done needs to be done.

The Earth’s safety is every country’s responsibility which is why a Carbon Tax should be implemented globally. There is a strong reason to believe that most of the people who do not believe in climate change and the harmful effects of fossil fuels have a stake in the profits being made off the production of these fuel sources.

The main reasons of carbon emission are car exhausts and large power plants producing electricity from sources such as coal. The implementation of Carbon Tax is important because the world needs to start developing renewable energy resources to minimize the harmful effects of fossil fuels.

America Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson said that if aliens existed and were observing humans, they would laugh at us for using fossil fuels when the biggest source of energy is right above us.

Australia Market Review for 2016 – Renewables up, Emissions Down

Australian market reviews for 2016 has been showing a lot of support for renewable energy sources and the companies that produce them. With Australia being the leader in preserving their values and moving forward to make the earth a better place, the market trend shows that the country is united to form a better future for Earth.

Electricity consumption saw a 0.8% increase in the National Electricity Market in 2016 which was an addition to the 1.1% rise experienced in 2015. The market seems to be seeing a change in the electricity consumption trends as more and more people are becoming aware of solar energy and other energy efficiency activities. The consumption is said to have gone down by 1,851 GWh, which means a total of 1% drop in consumption of electricity.

2016 showed promising stats for the renewable energy sector as renewable energy (excluding roof top solar) make up for 14.7% of the total generation which is substantially higher than the 12.2% in 2015. Outputs from Hydro energy saw an increase of 27.8% and outputs from wind powered electricity increased by 11.8%.

Solar contributions although considered small, are starting to register a growing contribution with five plants adding to the power generation in the NEM.

Emission powered generation saw a significant drop as Gas powered generation saw a drop again in 2016, this time by 17.9% as compared to the levels in 2015, which is still lower compared to the previous year when the drop was 18.6%. As the Northern Power Station in South Australia was shut down, it facilitated the lower generation of Victorian plants, causing brown coal generation to drop by 6.8%.

The brown coal generation decline allowed for more black coal fueled power generation, and with renewable sources covering up for the drop in gas powered generation, NEM emissions were reduced by 1.3%.

The new renewable projects that started production in 2016 provided approximately 60MW of total power. These include:

  • Ararat Wind Farm
  • Hornsdale Wind Farm
  • Moree Solar Farm
  • Barcaldine Solar Farm
  • Mugga Lane Solar Park
  • Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm

With the statistics showing a positive run for renewable energy in the previous year, 2017 looks positive as more and more renewable plant projects are being planned all over Australia. The shutting down of the Northern Power Station in South Australia showed that the mindset of people is changing and they are actually considering alternative fuel sources for electricity generation. With the most widely used being wind power, the hopes for larger solar farms and hydro powered power generating facilities are increasing.

Australia has taken a united and major step to show that they are ready to fight climate change. The rest of the world needs to follow in their footsteps and start developing renewable sources today so we can hope for a better tomorrow for ourselves and the future generations of the human race.