Changing trends in Global Warming

Research spanning from 1983-2013 has shown that there is a temporary slowdown in the heating up of the Earth’s atmosphere which may be an indication that the oceans are absorbing the extra heat. The phenomenon was dubbed as “Global Warming Hiatus.”

Recent studies have shown that the excess heat was being redistributed in the Earth’s oceans. This means that the earth is still heating up at an increased rate, but the actual findings have been hidden because the oceans were not accounted for.

Preciously studied trends in global warming did not include Earth’s water bodies and were based on the atmosphere and the surface. Studying the way that heat moves inside the Earth’s surface still needs more research and is a constantly changing field which is why it is hard to understand the patterns.

NASA’s efforts in understanding the way the water bodies of the Earth change has provided an important factor to understand the climate change of the Earth. Since the discovery has given new insight in the changing heating patterns, there is a request to order more ocean monitoring equipment to better study the temperature rises of the earth.

Satellite imagery alone is not sufficient to document these changes in detail. If an accurate study is to be conducted; there is a need to increase field work in the great oceans of the earth, specifically the areas which have higher temperatures as compared to the rest of the planet.

This may also explain that why, while certain areas of the Earth remained unaffected, the polar ice caps continued to melt away, increasing the sea level. In other studies conducted by NASA, it was shown that the glaciers near Greenland have significantly lost their heights which show a drastic increase in the Earth’s surface and the oceans.

NASA has been constantly making efforts to increase awareness about Climate Change and have been doing so with presenting solid data and facts. This is a great service to the global community as the people who do not believe in climate change need to be made aware so that this monster that is destroying the Earth can be fought with unity.

The major setback came with President Donald Trump being sworn in. The president of one of the major Carbon emitting countries believes that it is a hoax. Barack Obama made efforts in Paris to agree with China to reduce the carbon footprint of both the countries, but it seems like Donald Trump might be changing these policies and pushing industrial production using fossil fuels to the max.

Reducing our carbon footprint is a social and ethical responsibility of every citizen of the Earth and unless a significant effort is made, the Earth’s temperature will continue to rise, causing massive changes and difficulties for us and our future generations.