Climate Change – Prince Charles Aims to Save Marine Life Worldwide

Prince Charles seemed to wade into the most controversial debate over the global climate change issue. He claimed that leaders all over the world have severely and catastrophically underestimated the oceans’ vulnerability to climate change, pollution and acidification.

During an impassioned speech, delivered at Malta – Our Ocean Conference – Prince Charles urged all the worldwide governments to take urgent measures for protecting the marine life, and acknowledged the climate change issue by calling it the ‘huge elephant in the room of accelerating climate change’.

As per the statement of Prince Charles; “It is absolutely vital, it seems to me, that we create sustainable blue economy agendas that take truly integrated approaches to improve ocean and therefore planetary health”.

He further added;

“If the unprecedented abundance of recent catastrophic hurricanes is not the supreme wakeup call that it needs to be in order to address the vase and accumulating threat of climate change and ocean warming than we … can surely no longer consider ourselves as part of a rational sensible civilization”.


The Great Reef in North Queensland

Long been an advocate of environmental issues, the Prince of Wales also emphasized the importance of focusing and addressing the frequent health degradation of the population of the coral reef; particularly North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

While discussing his major concern, the Prince further stated;

“The fact that significant portions of the Great Barrier Reef on Australia’s eastern coast have been severely degraded or lost over the last few years is both a tragedy and also, I would have thought, a very serious wakeup call. Are we really going to allow ourselves the dismal comfort of accepting that, in the long run, we will only be left with a tiny fraction of them?”

Role of Prince Charles towards Environmental Challenges

If we talk about the role of Prince Charles, he holds a long history in environmental advocacy. The Prince of Wales also founded the International Sustainability Unit in the year 2010, which aimed at addressing the worldwide major environmental challenges; and also included other crucial issues such as deforestation, marine degradation and animal conservation.

The Prince also co-authored a book – Ladybird Expert, which targeted adult readers, along with environmentalists and climate scientists in January, and the book not only detailed the history but also the solutions for global warming.

While the British royals have always avoided involvement in matters of politics, the issue is clearly important for Prince Charles and has also stirred many controversies.

Previously, Prince Charles has already been accused by the British media of “becoming a zealot”

However, Charles whole-heartedly commends the efforts and measures taken by many nations worldwide to save the marine life.

“There is now at least, or at last, awareness of the plight of the ocean, its intimate connection to us and our survival, and the enormous amount that needs to be done,” says Prince Charles.

The Prince is not only encouraged by the efforts put in by many organizations at the global level to meet the challenge of climate change, but he also congratulated the country of Chile, that is now successfully protecting almost 1 of its marine life.

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