Earth Day 2016

The 22nd of April marks the anniversary of the beginning of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

This Earth Day, more than 130 countries will be signing the Paris Agreement – an international climate accord to hold the global average rise in temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius, become more adaptable to the adverse impacts of climate change, and to finance the change towards low-carbon emissions & climate-resilient development. It will be the most signed international treaty ever.

Since the industrial revolution in 1880, global temperatures have already risen by roughly 0.85 degrees Celsius. With a growing global population and increased consumption, “business as usual” will only hasten the damaging changes made to the climate on which we rely on to survive.

Much needs to be done by countries, leaders, influencers, corporations and individuals to ensure this agreement is fulfilled to maintain the human-friendly climate that we currently have.

How will you contribute to this cause?

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