Jasper Coffee celebrates 10 years as a certified carbon neutral business!

Founded in 1989, Jasper Coffee is an Australian family owned speciality coffee roaster. They hold in stock Australia’s largest selection of Single Origin beans, Blends, Fairtrade, Organic & Specialty Coffees. Jasper Coffee roast and blend to perfection the highest quality Single Origin AA Grade Arabicas.

Jasper Coffee is dedicated to re-humanising the coffee supply chain and eliminating their environmental impact. They are strongly committed to coffee growers and the environment. This has manifested in their Certifications for Organic, Fairtrade and Carbon Neutral; along with their search for Shade Grown coffees, and extend to the cleaning products they use, the cars they drive, the compostable packaging they use; and the economic and social benefits Jasper Coffee direct to producers.

To achieve NoCO2 carbon neutral certification Jasper Coffee underwent a NoCO2 audit with Carbon Reduction Institute which gave them a complete, stepwise ’emissions inventory’ of their business. By reviewing and assessing their NoCO2 Report; Jasper Coffee was able to understand areas where their impact could be reduced, and the level of unavoidable emissions generated via their operations and products.

Jasper Coffee reduces its’ avoidable emissions, wherever possible, and offsets the unavoidable emissions of their operations and products by supporting cookstove projects in Peru. Under the NoCO2 Program, Jasper Coffee is a certified carbon neutral business and their products are also certified carbon neutral. Jasper coffee, and their products, have been certified under the NoCO2 Program since April 2009.

To enjoy a great tasting, satisfying cup of coffee, visit a Jasper Coffee café concept store. They are a great place to disembark and relax to tell stories over light meals and sweet treats… not to mention the great coffee. You can also order online. To start the journey of Exploration, Adventure and Obsession of Jasper’s World of Coffee, please go to the link below:


Author: Garth Mulholland, Environmental Programs Adviser, Carbon Reduction Institute, garthm@noco2.com.au.