NASA Climatologist James Hansen Speaks On Climate Change

NASA’s retired climatologist James Hansen recently spoke about how people need to take a stand against climate change. James is a moderate conservative and believes that the government needs to take the necessary steps now to deal with the climate change. However, due to the book “Merchant of Doubts”, along with other scientist, he too is in a PR battle between scientific reality and fossil fuel interests. The book talks about pseudo scientists who say that climate change is nothing but modern day hysteria. The book calls out scientists with names and how their actions and claims have no credibility.

On 7th April, 2017, James gave an interview, where he talked about his concerns of climate change. He explained in detailed his personal motivation behind the facts that he has uncovered. According to him, he still stands by the data he has uncovered with his cohorts over decades of work.

In 1981, a paper was published on global warming, which Hansen talked about in the interview. He got the privilege to talk with the country’s climate task force. However, they were still focused on fossil fuels. In 2004 his seminar at University of Iowa led to warnings from Nasa Headquarters and the Whitehouse that he cannot speak to the media without their approval. However, when Hansen spoke about this restriction to the New York Times, NASA removed the censorship. He believes that the longer the government waits to do something about the climate change, the more expensive and difficult it will get to balance the situation.

Here’s what he had to say when he was asked why it’s important that scientists speak up about climate change:

“How did I get dragged deeper and deeper into an attempt to communicate the gravity and the urgency of this situation? My two and a half year old grandchild thinks he can protect his two and a half day sister. With climate change spiraling out of control, it would be immoral to leave these young people out”.

According to him, if the government had done something about climate change in 2005 to restore the environmental energy balance, it would have required 3% emission reductions per year. It’s now 2017 and the emission rate has been increased to around 20%. Day by day, it is getting difficult to reduce this percentage and still no one has taken any step.

Hansen believes that only scientists can help with this problem because they can think objectively as compared to political parties; where their every decions is influenced by politics.

Dr. Hansen has been concerned about the future generation for years now. For him, this topic is still fresh and holds immense importance. He has written at length about climate change and how steps need to be taken now more than ever. In his book “Storms of my Grandchildren”, Hansen explains the coming climate catastrophe with piercing analytical alacrity, which was reviewed by Daily Kos.