Obama and his impact on Climate Change

As Barack Obama leaves the white house after serving as the president of the United States for 8 strong years, a survey was recently conducted asking people about how they think Obama has impacted the world regarding climate change.

It was no secret that Obama supported the climate agenda and had seriously had a hand in creating awareness on the subject. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also one of the major supporters of the cause, visited the White House and went as far as saying that people who do not believe in climate change have no place in the White House.

With recently released photos from NASA and the drastic climate changes taking places in parts of South Asia, people are much more aware of the drastic affects that they and their carbon footprint is having on Earth.

The survey included a vote where people were asked to rate Obama’s impact on the climate agenda. The scale was from 1 to 5 where 1 meant extremely negative and 5 meant extremely positive. His impact in the U.S received a mean rating of about 3.8 and his impact internationally saw a rating of about 4.2.

The survey also included a question about Obama’s most significant legacy regarding climate change. Most people answered that with the impact that he had on China regarding climate change. China, being the most populated country in the world, has a naturally huge carbon footprint. The manufacturing giant has seen immense success in producing products for local and international brands and exporting them.

With a country that runs on such an enormous industrial scale, the people of China have seen their fair share of pollution. One of the biggest achievements attributed towards Obama regarding this matter was the Paris agreement. Both China and the United States have been dubbed responsible for 40% of the carbon emissions in the world. By joining hands in Paris, both countries have been seen trying to reduce their impact on the devastating climate change happening on Earth.

Another question asked was about the missed opportunities in his 8 year tenure. The majority answered that with the implementation of the Carbon Tax in the United States. With Trudeau’s administration making heavy changes to their tax system to include carbon taxes on fossil fuels and agricultural sectors, people said that Obama did not work enough to levy the tax in the United States.

To be fair here, Obama did make the effort towards the implementation of a Carbon tax, but since the votes weren’t enough, the bill could not be passed. It is quite clear that Barack Obama is one of the few leaders of the world who actually worked towards climate change and not just by raising awareness but actually making effort to reduce his countries carbon footprint. President Donald Trump however sees climate change as a hoax and might not follow in the footsteps of his predecessor.