Tesla Completes its First Solar Roof Installation

Along with its popular electric car – the Model 3, Tesla is now focused on ramping up the solar roof as the conventional solar business of the company shrinks.

Tesla at first showed off their solar roof in last October and literally wowed the crowd with its textured solar tiles, giving the look of high-class shingles. While the company unveiled the cost and started taking orders with regards to solar tiles in May, currently during second-quarter earnings report of Tesla, Musk stated that they have recently finished the installation of their first solar roof.

Their first solar roof customers are however their own employees. Tesla decided to conduct the installation on the roof of their employees so that they can effectively work out the possible kinks in the installation process and sales before the product is finally offered to a large public.

Referring to the Chief Technology Officer – J.B. Straubel, Musk said; “I have them on my house, JB has them on his house. This is version one. I think this roof is going to look really knock-out as we just keep iterating”

In May, Tesla opened its online store and took $1000 deposits for textured glass and smooth black roof tiles. These roof tiles are virtually indistinguishable from high-class roofing. From almost all angles, these modern slick shingles feels like standard materials but in actual they allow the light to get through onto a wide solar cell which is embedded under a tempered surface. While Tesla didn’t inform when the installation took place, the first installation was likely to initiate in June.


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Since the acquisition of SolarCity Corp, for $2 billion last year, the company is working on to the idea of cutting down the high cost associated with identifying new customers and rather passively attracts them through their upscale auto stores in high-traffic locations and other shopping malls. Analyzing the results of initial trials, it was evident that the new approach is almost 100 percent more effective than at the best, selling Solar City products at non-Tesla locations.

The production of solar tiles began at solar plant – Tesla Fremont in California, however, it will be shifted to Buffalo, New York later this year and to its new factory. Tesla will also receive additional investment from its tech partner – Panasonic. Considering the initial limitations on sales, Musk said that sales will be in accordance with the manufacturing capacity.

As per the previous reports of the company, production ramps up in the year 2018 and with that, sales will start in Australia, UK and elsewhere. This will also include the introduction of sculpted terra cotta additionally and also solar roof’s slate versions.

With all these endeavours, Tesla is looking ahead to make solar ownership a lot more affordable and attractive by clearly eliminating the need of installing both the solar panels and roof. Tesla is planning to manage the whole process of the installation of solar roof, including existing roof removal, permits, design, maintenance and installation. As per the company estimation, the installation is likely to take about one week to be effectively carried out.

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