U.S. Naval Base Fighting Flooding Due To Climate Change

While there are still a lot of skeptical people on the subject of climate change as a major threat, the one department that has been suffering and believes the negative effects of it are the U.S. Naval Forces. The Naval Station setup at Norfolk, Virginia, experiences heavy flooding, at least ten times a year.

The road that connects the access point floods each year, making crossing from one side of the base to the other impossible. The problem is that since this is the main road, there is no alternate route that can be used by supply trucks and other military vehicles.

Being the world’s largest naval base, the naval station has large ships and aircraft carriers docked at the concrete piers. The Dockside gets flooded which shorts out the power hook-ups to the large vessels docked here.
Every full moon, the tides rise higher and cause disarray all over the naval base. Operations get disrupted, costing extra for precautionary and clean up measures.

Being the home of the entire Atlantic fleet, flooding creates a lot of problems for the military personnel and affects their readiness. Officials say that the Chesapeake Bay flooding will only get worse as the sea level rise and the planet warms up.

Since World War 1, the sea level in the surrounding areas of Norfolk has risen about 14.5 inches. This is since the time the station was built and projections say that by 2100, the flooding will occur about 280 times per year.

Norfolk has become the front runner in how climate change is affecting the defense department. This gives researchers a chance to better study the changes occurring in the climate and gives the Department Of Defense a chance to push the agenda further regarding the current state in Washington.

President Donald Trump stands strong with his opinion as climate change being “phony” and just being a way to shut down heavy industries and oil companies. The U.S. Defense Department, being one of the most funded in the world, have already been researching in the field of climate change for more than a decade.

According to the Republicans in the white house, the threat of terrorism is much bigger than climate change which is why the government prohibited the spending of funds for research and development related to climate change.
Terrorism may be a huge threat, but if the planet is not inhabitable, there would be nothing left to defend from the terrorists. This war against climate change naysayers is huge. While naval officials have put in requests to the government about replacement of the piers, there seems to be less of a movement caused by climate change in the White house.

The Norfolk base is one of the biggest lines of attacks and defense for America as they house both naval monitoring equipment and offensive aircraft carriers for launching air strikes. Unless there are extra measures taken to secure and functionalise the equipment in the time of these floods, this might be a security threat to the country and the globe.