Vancouver and Sydney Hold on to the Commitments of the Paris Accord

The impacts of a warmer world are already in place, drowning us in the rising temperatures day by day. There is something that we can learn by looking at the recent flooding catastrophes in the United States, Caribbean Islands, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Staying inactive is only going to worsen the situation.

So far, the leaders around the world, which carry immense hopes of tackling climate issues, have actually set a collective intent to achieve net zero emission of carbon by 2050 to save the world.

The achievement of this goal, however, requires them to navigate two major checkpoints. The first one is to pull down the trajectory of emission on a global level by 2020 –keeping humanity on a better path towards reaching full de-carbonization. In achieving this, it will support us on our way to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030, putting an end to poverty, and ensuring planet protection and prosperity.

The serious threats of climatic conditions are becoming more and more obvious at the end of each day since climate change is costing us human lives more than anything else. From destruction to flood, fire, or storms, global warming has already touched 1°C. The destination of reaching net zero de-carbonization is not an easy one but it is indeed achievable.

While some nations continue to neglect the issue, focusing on undermining the so-called ‘exaggerated issues’, others are working hand in hand, making coalitions like the Global Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy and the C40 Cities, with the help of which, urban populations are striving to settle the task at hand.

Vancouver and Sydney Step up to Meet Climate Commitments

The city of Vancouver is striving to reduce GHG emissions by almost 33% (below 2007 levels) through 179 municipalities in British Columbia. Vancouver is doing great in reducing figures and leading North America with the construction of new zero-emission constructions.

Sydney too, is leading at transforming the southern precinct into a sustainable and vibrant urban environment through $8 billion projects in Green Square.

However, Vancouver and Sydney are not the only cities achieving a milestone. All the Mayors in the country are committed to the path of net zero emissions and with absolute intent. From 2011 to 2015, all the cities in C40 invested collectively almost US$1.5bn towards low carbon projects and have expanded the portfolio into many sustainable infrastructure projects.

Efforts are being directed after realizing the scale of the climate challenge and actions must be expedited to achieve the 2020 checkpoint.

Moreover, to show commitment to the Paris Agreement, California will host a summit in 2018, to collect new climate commitments from regional governments, cities, investors, and businesses, in order to fully demonstrate the possibility to the national leaders in terms of raising ambitions.

We hope to get new commitments from fellow nations and wish for them to step up in this time of trouble because tackling the climate issue and meeting this challenge is only possible if we leave no stone unturned.

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