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Building Upgrade Finance (BUF)

Building Upgrade Finance (BUF) often referred to as Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA) are a government backed form of Finance providing building owners with access to loans to maximise the building’s energy efficiency.

  • Eligibility Criteria

Own the building or have the approval from owners to make upgrades.

  •  Loan Term

Loans can be from 5 years to 20 years and modelled to suit cashflow, there is no limit on the amount that can be borrowed.

  • Special Inclusion

All hard and soft costs of the environmental upgrade can be covered in the loan.

This includes all consulting fees associated with the upgrade work.

  • No Security or Deposit

The loan is attached to the property, so there’s no need for any security or deposit. The security is the property and BUF does not add to the individual debt of the building owner.

  • Tenant Contribution

State Legislation allows Commercial Tenants to contribute to repayments. Typically, tenants contribute 40% of the cost of the loan from the result of energy saving.

  • Strata Buildings

Many buildings have strata arrangements – BUF can accommodate not only commercial buildings, but also commercial strata lots of more than 20, even if there are some residential strata lots mixed with commercial.

  • Repayment Through Council Rates

Repayment amounts are included in council rate notices.

  • Sale of Property = End of Loan

With BUF the repayments pass to the next owner through the council rates after sales.  New owner benefits from reduced energy bills and only pays a small portion of the cost of the works.

Our Lending Partner

Founded in 2019 by industry leaders committed to delivering an affordable solution to address Australia’s impact on climate change.

Working closely with NSW, VIC and SA Governments and Building Owners to improve energy efficiency to achieve cost effective carbon reduction economy.

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