Environmental Enterprises – NoCO2 certified business


Across the country some of our clients are making a positive environmental difference from home based businesses, one of them is award winning Environmental Enterprises business owner Wayne Lever.

Wayne and his family supply compostable packaging and catering around the country from their eco-friendly home in Glenhaven, New South Wales.

We are proud to announce that Environmental Enterprises was recently awarded Highly Commended in the small business section of the Green Lifestyle Awards.

The Levers bought the business in 2008 and supply Governments, private enterprise, councils, schools, restaurants, caterers, festivals and the public with fully biodegradable, compostable and certified products. They sell coffee cups and lids, PLA products, sugar cane containers, CPLA cutlery, Cornstarch bin liners, bags, Natureflex bags and eco-napkins.

All greenhouse gas emissions produced since July 2011 by Environmental Enterprises’ business operations and packaging has been calculated and offset, through their membership of our NoCO2 carbon neutral certification program.

As do all our clients, Wayne and his family go the extra mile for certification.  In their warehouse they keep power usage and lights to a minimum, they keep their hot water turned off (as it’s not required on a daily basis), they don’t accept junk mail and they use all the bio-degradable products from the business.

In the office, Wayne said “everyday 100% of the electricity used is provided onsite by our own solar system.”

No detail is over looked.  They use a paperless invoice system, sending invoices electronically.  They use energy efficient computers, which are never left on standby. All their stationary from their pens to their (staple-less) eco stapler contribute to a low carbon setup.

All that commitment adds up, leading to a truly sustainable and efficient home based business. We are excited to see such excellence being recognised and awarded at the Green Lifestyle Awards.

For more information head to:  http://environmentalenterprises.com.au/