Jasper Coffee – Low Carbon Economy

There are many different reasons why an organisation chooses to become Carbon Neutral. Jasper Coffee known to the coffee drinkers far and wide and a roaster in Collingwood, Melbourne, talks here about the steps, thoughts and processes before and after becoming Carbon Neutral with Carbon Reduction Institute’s NoCO2 Program in 2009.

In 2009, Jasper Coffee questioned their ability to become Carbon Neutral in any degree. They employed a Research Student for four months to investigate and report progressively on prospect, viability and efficacy of the company becoming Carbon Neutral. Later that year Jasper Coffee made the decision to have the whole operation and asset of the company become 100% Carbon Neutral so that no one could be critical of their endeavour.

It was no question to Director Wells Trenfield that unavoidable carbon emission had to be offset by a carbon credit project with Gold Standard auditing and with a maximum benefit to the origin of the carbon credits in a socially responsible way and which was affordable by the company.

Wells and his team decided on the Karnataka Project (Biomass project in India) as the beneficiary of their purchase of initial carbon credits. Jasper Coffee have recently chosen to move their purchase of carbon offsets to Peru Improved Cookstoves, an energy efficiency project implemented across nine Peruvian states.

Over time Jasper Coffee has used their Carbon Neutral journey to minimise their carbon footprint and they have over time been altering roast operations; using less water; and changed the cooling method to lessen the need for the electric motor. They have reduced their carbon footprint and carbon accounts by a range of abatement programs.

More actions have included:

  • Changing factory and office lighting
  • Choosing waste collection company Veolia who is able to separate different materials to reduce resources to landfill and recycle organic waste
  • Finding users for coffee sacks to stop them from going to landfill
  • Introducing the low energy new coffee roaster, the Loring Smart Roaster. This by itself reduced gas consumption by 34% and electricity needs by 12.5%
    Transitioning the old fleet of 4cyl petrol vehicles to Hybrid Prius vehicles and completed that progress in 2016 with a new Hybrid Toyota Corolla.
  • In the office, the printer/scanner was replaced with a low carbon Ryco model, while converting to carbon neutral paper throughout the business
  • A new compostable packaging for Instant Coffee has been introduced. A packaging, which includes World’s first compostable zip lock
  • All bulk coffee packaging has been converted to compostable material
  • All skylights were cleaned from built up grime. This significantly reduce the need for internal factory lighting
  • High Bay factory lighting have been changed from 400watt to 200 and 150 watt globes and about to further change these to 80watt LED.

CEO Wells Trenfield: “While the company strive to make a difference over the journey, we still believe we are far from our goal, which is to reduce our footprint further. It is pleasing to know that since we started in 2009, Jasper Coffee has reduced our carbon footprint by Dollar Spend of more than 60%. The journey is not yet finished”.