SACS Consulting has been carbon neutral for 10 Years

SACS was recently contacted by our carbon neutral certification agency, The Carbon Reduction Institute, to notify us that we have been carbon neutral for 10 years. This apparently makes us the second company in the history of Australia to be carbon neutral for this length of time and the first ever in the State of Victoria.

We became carbon neutral after discussions with our staff about the issue of climate change and my personal belief that global warming is one of the most significant challenges facing the human race.

Our concern about the issue has not diminished and neither has our commitment to carbon neutrality. I think this is a trend that will be adopted by many more companies as the signs of global warming become more obvious day-to-day. Our best wishes go out to all other organisations and individuals seeking to make a difference to their footprint on the planet.

Statistics which show the equivalent of our contribution since 2007: