Reduce Your CO2

We can walk you through how to become NoCO2 certified, implement energy efficiency measures, and achieve certification.

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Carbon Offset Calculator

Your individual carbon footprint comprises of the emissions embodied in the products you purchase and through the lifestyle you live. The average Australian household produces approximately fourteen tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. Car use (34%) and water heating (16%) account for the largest percentage of household emissions.

Luckily, you don’t need to make major sacrifices or outlay substantial amounts of money to reduce your personal carbon footprint. When considering reducing your emissions, the following sources of emissions should be considered:

  • Car related carbon emissions
  • Carbon emissions from water heating, and
  • Carbon emissions from electricity & appliances.

To access our tips to on how to reduce your personal emissions, visit our page about reducing my co2 emissions.

Act now! To offset your individual unavoidable emissions from flights and travel, motor vehicle use, electricity, gas, waste, and public transport; click the carbon offset calculator below.

Set an example for your friends and family by eliminating your personal emissions and help overcome the threat of man-made global warming!


There are three key areas you can address to reduce your impact on climate change:

1. Behavioural Changes

Increasing energy use awareness, recycling, minimising waste and reducing airline travel are all strategies that can reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Technological Changes

Emissions and costs can be reduced through measures such as installing timers, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and insulation. See our resource page for emission reduction tips.

3. Offsetting Emissions

Offset any remaining emissions using verified and environmentally beneficial carbon offsets to become carbon neutral.