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Act on climate change!  Eliminate your personal carbon footprint. Any action you take on global warming is an example to others in your workplace, at home, within your family and social networks.  If you would like us to help you make your workplace or business carbon neutral, please complete the contact us form below.

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What can individuals do to become carbon neutral? We encourage you to reflect on your lifestyle and identify areas in your life where you can easily cut back your personal emissions. Your individual carbon footprint consists of all the emissions embodied in the products you purchase and through the lifestyle you live.

To find out more about your personal carbon footprint, please click on the following link:

Being environmentally conscious and proactive at home will help reduce your carbon footprint. Set an example for your family, friends and neighbours. Reduce your emissions; where possible and offset those emissions that are unavoidable.

Buy carbon neutral products and services to eliminate the emissions embodied in the products and services you consume. Look to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicle use, electricity use and waste. Review our tips for individuals to do your bit for the environment. There are many ways you can reduce your emissions.

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Beyond reducing your own carbon footprint, you can offset your unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon offsets. We can help you offset the climate change impact from flights taken, car usage and holidays. You can even purchase offsets for your family members!

Please visit our carbon footprint calculator to purchase carbon credits to offset your emissions by clicking on the following link:

Climate change is the biggest man-made threat the planet has ever had to confront. By reducing your personal carbon footprint and offsetting your unavoidable emissions you can rest assured that the climate change impact of your lifestyle has been negated and that you have contributed in a positive way to the solution of man-made global warming!

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