Carbon Offsets

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits (also known as carbon offsets) are issued to projects that reduce or replace carbon emissions. Each carbon credit offsets one tonne of CO2 equivalent.  Carbon credits come from projects that implement measures such as energy efficiency, renewable energy or waste diversion.


Offset Emissions with Carbon Credits

CRI sources carbon credits from a range of projects operating in developing nations throughout the world.  We believe that when emissions reductions are outsourced to developing nations, selected projects must offer additional benefits such as improved revenue and living conditions for the local populations where the projects are located.

An example of a project that provides these types of co-benefits is the Lifestraw Carbon Offset Project which saves time and cost in procuring drinking water for villagers in Kenya. This project has improved the health and welfare of the local populations and increased educational participation for local children.

Each year up to 400 million tonnes of carbon is eliminated by projects financed in part through the issuing of carbon credits.  These credits are used by businesses, organisations and individuals around the world to offset their unavoidable emissions and help achieve their carbon reduction targets.  We will help you choose the right project that:

  • Matches your values
  • Enhances your marketing messages
  • Provide the highest integrity and quality in the marketplace, and
  • Provides immediate benefit to the climate.

Carbon Offsetting

When you purchase carbon credits they offset your unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.  Each carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 equivalent taken out of the atmosphere.  Purchasing carbon offsets directly supports clean, renewable energy projects and energy efficiency initiatives.  While we believe that reducing carbon emissions is more important than offsetting them, carbon offsetting is a great way to encourage clean energy projects and offset your unavoidable emissions.  Find out more about our carbon offset projects below.

Let’s Stop Climate Change!

There are three key areas you can address to reduce your impact on climate change:

Behavioural Changes

Increasing energy use awareness, recycling, minimising waste and reducing airline travel are all strategies that can reduce your carbon footprint.

Technological Changes

Emissions and costs can be reduced through measures such as installing timers, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and insulation.  See our resource page for emission reduction tips.

Offsetting Emissions

Offset any remaining emissions using verified and environmentally beneficial carbon offsets to become carbon neutral.

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