Make It Carbon Neutral Certification

Make it Carbon Neutral (MICN)

Quite simply MICN is a service offered by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) which enables businesses to offer their customers the option of making their purchases carbon neutral; usually at the point of sale.  MICN is the perfect solution for businesses that want to offer carbon neutral products which aren’t expected to be initially traded in high volumes (below 500 tCO2e) or where a business wants to “test the waters” by offering carbon neutral product/s to customers who request it.  

In these cases, the initial cost of doing a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the products to be offered as carbon neutral can inhibit businesses in taking climate change action.  Therefore, CRI internally develops models of a product’s emissions to reduce the burden of cost, compliance and administration upon businesses in offering their products as carbon neutral.

These models draw upon the use of conservative assumptions, review of existing literature, and previously conducted studies on similar products.  Where uncertainty exists for value ranges derived from literature review CRI uses the upper bound to ensure at worst case slightly more offsets have been retired than otherwise would have been with a full LCA.

Should an annual threshold of more than 500tCO2e emissions be exceeded for a single product through the MICN service in a financial year, an LCA of the product will be required to ensure the uncertainty between what is offset and what is emitted remains defensible.

As models of emissions used prior to carrying out a study make use of conservative assumptions to ensure at a worst case more offsets are retired than required, conducting a study will most likely reduce the required number of offsets moving forward.  

Make it Carbon Neutral (MICN) Service Offering

The service provides all of the support businesses require to offer their products as optionally carbon neutral through the MICN service.  Support includes:

  • CRI completes the initial emissions calculations and provides carbon offset options and costs so that businesses know what their additional cost of sale is when a product or service is sold as carbon neutral through the MICN service
  • At the end of each quarter CRI calculates and reconciles emissions and carbon offset requirements for all products sold during that quarter as MICN.  All sales for each quarter are reported by product and client to CRI
  • CRI purchases and retires sufficient carbon offsets to eliminate the emissions generated by all MICN sales for the quarter
  • CRI issues certificates on a quarterly basis to MICN customers to confirm their purchases were carbon neutral, and

We provide logos for you to promote the MICN offer and for your customers to promote MICN purchases made.  These logos must be used in accordance with our CRI Logo and Style Guide.

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