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Carbon Neutral Program

The NoCO2 Carbon Neutral Program is the longest running and market leading climate change certification program in Australia.

It has a reputation as the benchmark for carbon neutral and low carbon certification programs in Australia.

The Carbon Reduction Institute follows international best practice standards and has developed proprietary processes, systems, and factors to underpin our analysis and assessments.

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NoCO2 Certification Program

Certify your business, product or service as Carbon Neutral, with the NoCO2 program

Low Carbon Economy

Find businesses, products & services that are certified Carbon Neutral

My CO2

Calculate, reduce and offset your own personal carbon footprint

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is pivotal for reducing carbon emissions


We have updated the Carbon Reduction Institute Carbon Offset Guide. Take a look!

Sustainable Architecture: Designing for a Carbon-Free Future

Carbon Neutral Certification for Architects Carbon neutral certification refers to the recognition and verification of a business or organisation’s efforts to reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It signifies that
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Australia El Niño Declaration

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has declared that Australia is now in an El Niño climate pattern. BoM warns it’s likely this summer will be hotter than average and hotter
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3 Types of Carbon Offset Projects

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism that allows organisations and individuals to invest in projects which mitigate climate change to counter their own unavoidable emissions. Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) bulk buys
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Global Food Security at Risk: The Threat of Synchronised Harvest Failures

Climate change is a significant threat to global food security, with the potential for synchronised harvest failures caused by extreme weather events. Despite the efforts of climate models, the true
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Ian Kiernan Avatar
Ian Kiernan
Chairman, Clean up Australia
We have found the team at CRI to be highly knowledgeable lateral thinkers who consistently provide new ideas and ways of tackling issues, The team at CRI continues to be the calibre of business partner that I am comfortable to refer to you. -
Rob Raulings Avatar
Rob Raulings
Director, Ferve Tickets
Taking action to deal with your environmental footprint is really not that difficult nor costly; if we all did it, many of the worlds’ environmental problems would be well on the way to being solved. -