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NoCO2 Certification Program

Certify your business, product or service as Carbon Neutral, with the NoCO2 program

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Low Carbon Economy

Find businesses, products & services that are certified Carbon Neutral

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My CO2

Calculate, reduce and offset your own personal carbon footprint

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is pivotal for reducing carbon emissions

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Our Carbon Offset Projects

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Our Team

Meet the team at the Carbon Reduction Institute

Rob Cawthorne

Rob is the Managing Director of the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) which has the mission and vision of crea

Rob Cawthorne

Managing Director

Marvin manages the finances and administrative operations at the Carbon Reduction Institute. In addition to bei

Marvin Van Stralendorff

Operations Director

Nick Kapes

National Sales Director
Garth Mulholland

Garth has spent the last 20 years building his relationship management, compliance and advisory/consultancy ski

Garth Mulholland

Environmental Programs Adviser

Our Clients

Follow in the footsteps of greatness

  • Rob Raulings, Director of Ferve Tickets

      “Taking action to deal with your environmental footprint is really not that difficult nor costly; if we all did it, many of the worlds’ environmental problems would be well on the way to being solved.”

  • Jane Davidson – Minister for Environment and Sustainability, Wales 2007-2011

      “Wouldn’t we all benefit from living in societies that were more careful, more resourceful, more respectful and more forward-thinking?”

  • Arron Wood – Winner of 2006 United Nations Individual Award for Outstanding Service to the Environment

    “Making ourselves the solution, rather than part of the problem is our greatest challenge.”

  • Professor Tim Flannery – Australian mammalogist, palaeontologist, environmentalist and global warming activist.

    “We could go over the cliff. You would hope not. You would hope that people see what needs to be done. It’s not rocket science. It’s not difficult. It’s not even all that costly. It’s actually about the way you think about the world.”

  • President Barack Obama – Speaking to the 2014 graduating class of UC Irvine.

    “We need scientists to design new fuels, we need farmers to help grow them. We need engineers to invent new technologies. We need entrepreneurs to sell those technologies. We need workers to operate assembly lines that hum with high tech, zero-carbon components. We need builders to hammer into place the clean-energy age.”