Sustainable Architecture: Designing for a Carbon-Free Future

Carbon Neutral Certification for Architects

Carbon neutral certification refers to the recognition and verification of a business or organisation’s efforts to reduce and offset their carbon emissions. It signifies that the entity has taken measurable steps to minimise their environmental impact and has achieved a net-zero carbon footprint.

As the focus on sustainability intensifies, architects possess considerable influence in moulding a more environmentally conscious future via their design work.

How to Certify your Architecture Business

  • Calculate: We complete a carbon audit of your business to calculate its carbon footprint. Once your business is certified, audits are completed annually.
  • Reduce: Your audit will highlight options for emissions reductions. Our simple to use, online reporting tools will help you track the reductions you have achieved.
  • Offset: Offsetting CO2 emissions is done by purchasing high quality carbon credits which are generated as a result of energy efficiency projects conducted around the world.

Certification Benefits

Beyond showing their commitment to sustainability, architectural businesses can attract environmentally conscious clients seeking eco-friendly designs.

Achieving carbon neutrality also aligns with global efforts to combat climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions through innovative design and construction practices.

Architects can reap cost savings by incorporating energy-efficient solutions and renewable energy sources into their projects.

It also helps to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by supporting projects that offset unavoidable emissions.

Overview of the NoCO2 Program

The NoCO2 Program, offered by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI), provides a comprehensive framework for businesses to achieve carbon neutral certification. It involves conducting a carbon footprint audit, offsetting unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from approved projects, and committing to ongoing annual auditing of emissions.

By participating in the NoCO2 Program, your business can display the Carbon Neutral Service Logo issued by CRI, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

3 Case Studies of Architects in the Low Carbon Economy


Certified as Architecture Business

Architects EAT

Architects EAT is a renowned architectural practice that has been in business for over 20 years. They have always aimed to design projects that align with the scope of human existence. They took on the responsibility of addressing the environmental impacts of their projects and office operations by undergoing the process of carbon neutral certification.

They commissioned a NoCO2 audit from the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to measure their yearly carbon footprint. This audit followed international standards including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.1.

Architects EAT also committed to offsetting their unavoidable emissions by purchasing units in approved projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Y2 Architecture

Y2 Architecture is a multi-disciplinary design practice with over 49 years of experience in architecture, urban design, and project management. They specialise in community and civic projects, including education, health, and commercial design.

To become a carbon neutral business, Y2 Architecture commissioned a NoCO2 audit from CRI to measure their carbon footprint. This audit followed international standards and protocols for greenhouse gas emissions. Y2 Architecture also committed to offsetting their unavoidable emissions by purchasing units in approved carbon credit projects.

Y2 Architecture’s emphasis on social responsibility and community engagement is evident in their approach to design. They collaborate closely with clients to understand their core values and ensure that decision-making aligns with their ethos.

This approach allows Y2 Architecture to create designs that not only meet the needs of their clients but also contribute positively to the community and the environment.

Six Degrees Architects

Six Degrees Architects is a renowned architecture firm that has made a significant impact on Melbourne’s design culture. With a focus on sustainable design and the creation of socially inclusive, environmentally responsive buildings, Six Degrees Architects has become a specialist in the development of high-use environments throughout Australia.

The firm’s expertise in sustainability is evident in their portfolio, which includes projects with impressive sustainability credentials. For example, Nightingale 2.0 in Fairfield boasts an average NatHERS rating of 8.7 stars and operates as a carbon-free and embedded network. Brae Restaurant & Accommodation is a net-zero energy and water use establishment, while the City of Melton Business Accelerator and Centre of Excellence holds a Greenstar certified 6-star design rating.

Six Degrees Architects’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond individual projects. In 2020, they achieved carbon neutral certification through the NoCO2 Program. This certification means that they have measured their carbon footprint, offset their unavoidable emissions through approved carbon credit projects, and committed to ongoing annual auditing.

With their focus on sustainable design and their impact on Melbourne’s urban spaces, Six Degrees Architects continues to be a leader in creating environmentally conscious and socially inclusive built environments.

Industry Trends

In today’s architectural landscape, sustainability is non-negotiable. A surge in green building standards and eco-certifications reflects this trend. Architects are increasingly incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies into their projects. Government incentives and regulations further promote sustainable practices, making carbon neutrality a strategic move for architectural businesses.

Market your Business Certification Logos

Carbon neutral certification allows architectural firms to promote and market themselves as a Carbon Neutral Business, highlighting their commitment to sustainability. This certification also enables them to display the NoCO2 Logo issued by CRI.

  • Put your certification logo up on your website some info about your climate change action
  • Include logos and words about your certification in your email signature
  • Display posters, stickers, and your framed certificate in reception areas
  • Publish information about your certification, carbon footprint and the offsets you purchase
  • Read more ways to market your carbon neutral certification

Carbon Offset Projects (Sustainability Initiatives)

Businesses like Architects EAT, Y2 Architecture, and Six Degrees take responsibility for their carbon footprint by offsetting their emissions through supporting several projects:

Project Impact
Wind Power in China
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, limits air pollution.
  • Reduces negative health impacts from air pollution.
  • Creates job opportunities for local workers.
Cleaner Energy in India
  • Reduces air pollution, utilises agricultural waste.
  • Reduces chronic respiratory disease.
  • Creates opportunities for biomass projects, reduced reliance on the local grid.
Cookstoves in Developing Nations
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, relieves pressure on local forests, and protects biodiversity.
  • Improves livelihoods in poor communities, reduces chronic respiratory disease.
  • Provides financial rewards to families, generates employment opportunities.

View all Carbon Offset Projects.

Get Carbon Neutral Certification

By measuring their carbon footprint, offsetting their emissions, and undergoing annual audits, these architects have made a significant impact in reducing their environmental impact.

If you would like to pursue carbon neutral certification for your architecture firm and attract environmentally conscious customers, read more about joining our NoCO2 Program or contact us today!