Top 20 ways to market your carbon neutral certification

Now that you have completed the audit process, you want to reap the benefits of being one of the first businesses to take serious action on climate change. And the Carbon Reduction Institute is here to show you how!

Communicating to your existing and prospective customers what actions you have taken towards climate change is your biggest asset now. Various studies have revealed that consumers are increasingly seeking products and services that have a reduced environmental impact. And you’ve already taken all the necessary steps to make sure your products and services leave the smallest footprint possible!

All you need to do now is tell this to your clients and you’ll be capturing the quickly growing carbon conscious market in no time.

This section outlines the opportunities and advantages of using the NoCO2 and LowCO2 certification logos as part of your overall business branding plan.

Your website will be the most obvious choice for making your environmental credentials public. For many businesses, the website is the first point of contact with prospective customers.

Here are the top 20 ways to market your carbon neutral certification

  1. Put your certification logo up on your website some info about your climate change action
  2. Include logos and/or words about your certification in your e-signatures
  3. Display tent cards, posters, stickers, and your framed certificate in reception areas/foyers
  4. Publish information about your certification, carbon footprint and the offsets you purchase on your company intranet
  5. Offer us some product samples or marketing materials (or even special deals) to give to our potential clients & other Low Carbon Economy Directory members so we can cross-promote your products and services
  6. If your company manufactures products incorporate the logos into labels and/or packaging
  7. Train your staff: inform them about the action the company has taken so they talk to customers
  8. Incorporate your certification logo into company letterhead, business cards and other stationery
  9. Include a PowerPoint slide on your certification within sales presentations
  10. Distribute a press release to industry, local or general media about your environmental actions
  11. Include information about the certification and what it means in new staff inductions
  12. Incorporate certification into existing marketing plans for example, include logos at the footer of your next paid advertisements, telephone on-hold voice messaging etc.
  13. Enter industry awards or local council awards in recognition of your environmental action
  14. Promote your certification through industry bodies or associations including their publications
  15. Write articles for relevant magazines which talk about your actions and motivations
  16. Include certification logos on merchandise, staff t-shirts etc.
  17. Include logos on banners or outdoor displays
  18. Take some marketing materials such as tent cards with you to expos and conferences
  19. Include a note on your certification in your next brochures or pamphlets
  20. Announce your certification in your e newsletters and client communications

How to certify your business

Calculate: We complete a carbon audit of your business to calculate its carbon footprint. Once your business is certified, audits are completed annually.

Reduce: Your audit will highlight options for emissions reductions. Our simple to use, online reporting tools will help you track the reductions you have achieved.

Offset: Offsetting CO2 emissions is done by purchasing high quality carbon credits which are generated as a result of energy efficiency projects conducted around the world.

Ready to get your carbon neutral certification?

The carbon offset market is continually changing. Your business can achieve certification through the purchase of carbon offsets.