Certify Carbon Neutral

When you certify your business as NoCO2, you can be sure that all carbon emissions generated by your business have been accounted for, reduced where possible and offset to make it truly carbon neutral.
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Support the Low Carbon Economy:

Individuals and businesses can help solve climate change by purchasing carbon neutral products and services.  The Low Carbon Economy can provide you with a carbon neutral solution for many of the products or services you need.  Everybody can help build the Low Carbon Economy by reducing carbon emissions at work and at home!

Carbon Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint.  Buy low carbon and carbon neutral products from LowCO2 and NoCO2 certified businesses and have your business carbon neutral certified.  Becoming carbon neutral certified is the most effective measure you can take to eliminate the carbon footprint of your business.

Waste management and recycling

You can save carbon emissions at home and at work by minimising and recycling your waste. Avoid buying over-packaged items and buy carbon neutral products through the Low Carbon Economy. We can also help you implement a recycling policy in your office. Please contact us for more information.

Solar energy

With an average of 7.5 sun hours per day during the summer months, Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world. This means solar panels can provide Australians with clean, renewable energy. You may even be able to subsidise the cost of installing your own solar system.

Climate Change Tips For Business

Making it simple and cost effective for businesses to understand and calculate their carbon footprint and then act on climate change, is the core objective of our business.  By following a few straightforward principles, you can effectively lower the climate change impact of your business.  We encourage businesses to implement carbon reduction measures such as:

  • Becoming carbon neutral
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Limiting airline travel, and
  • Sourcing products and services through the Low Carbon Economy.

Becoming carbon neutral

For your business to be accredited as carbon neutral under the NoCO2 Certification Program the following steps must be undertaken in order:

  • Complete a comprehensive emissions audit of your business
  • Implement strategies to reduce emissions, and
  • Offset any remaining, unavoidable carbon emissions.

Waste management and recycling

  • Implement a recycling program. For more information, refer to our Office Recycling PDF located in the Resources section of this site
  • Use carbon neutral paper and consider the environment before printing, and
  • Reduce consumption of food and beverages in takeaway containers by educating staff about the benefits of using a mug and taking their lunch to work.

Energy efficiency

  • Use lighting efficiently. Motion sensors can be used to automatically switch lights on and off, as required. If you don’t have motion sensors, try to remember to manually turn off lights when they are not being used
  • Turn off your computer at the end of the day and set it to power saving mode when you leave your desk during the day, even if it’s only for a few minutes
  • When not in use turn off appliances at the power source
  • Keep your air conditioner serviced and well maintained. Set the air conditioner temperature as close as possible to the outside temperature
  • Install energy saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs in your office, warehouse or retail space. CRI project manages LED bulb fitouts at competitive prices. We supply and install LED bulbs, remove and dispose of existing bulbs and assist with accessing government subsidies that may apply.  To get a quote for our energy efficiency LED light bulb program please contact us
  • Switch to green energy. It reduces your footprint drastically, helps create demand for green energy and provides funding for renewable energy projects. Two green energy options are NoCO2 Power and GreenPower. Visit our Low Carbon Economy page to find out more about NoCO2 Power by clicking here.  An online instant comparison of different gas and electricity plans in Australia, including green power, can be found on the Artog website, and
  • Install solar panels on your roof. You may be entitled to state and federal government rebates. Check your eligibility.

Travel less

  • Use public transport, ride a bike or walk to work
  • Carpool with other employees if you live close to each other
  • If you park in an underground carpark, try to use the stairs rather than the lift
  • Avoid business related air travel. Consider carbon neutral videoconferencing as an alternative to your business-related travel, and
  • Offset your flights.

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