Life Cycle Analysis

When it comes to certifying a product or service as carbon neutral, the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) uses an industry-leading method known as a life cycle assessment.

The definitive calculation, also known as a life cycle analysis (LCA) is a “cradle to the grave” breakdown of the greenhouse gas impact of a product or service by CRI’s highly qualified engineers and scientists.

It includes indirect greenhouse gas emissions such as the extraction and transportation of raw materials, manufacture of the product or service, packaging, freight, usage, and disposal.

In the production of a pair of sunglasses, for example, all the processes that go into getting it to the showroom cabinet are counted, from the raw components of the frames and lenses to the decals.

Undertaking an LCA of your product or service will allow your business to:

  • Quantify the greenhouse gas impact of the product or service
  • Make a stepwise trace of the climate change impacts of the product or service; thereby allowing your business to identify and implement emission reduction strategies
  • Disclose to the market the carbon footprint of the product or service assessed and the emissions reductions achieved, and
  • Quantify the carbon offsets needed to certify your product or service as carbon neutral.

It is possible to achieve a carbon neutral rating on any product or service by implementing carbon reduction strategies and purchasing carbon offsets for any remaining carbon footprint.

We have highly qualified engineers and scientists to complete an LCA on your product or service.

Our LCAs are conducted in compliance with the ISO 14000 series, a set of international, voluntary environmental management standards, guides, and technical reports.

Green Products

A product which has had its lifecycle emissions calculated and negated is carbon neutral. Click here if you want to find out how you can offset the carbon emissions from your products and services.

A Products Life Cycle

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