Reduce Your CO2

We can walk you through how to become NoCO2 certified, implement energy efficiency measures, and achieve certification.

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Business Opportunity

Capture climate conscious consumers and future proof your business.

There is a common misbelief that taking action on climate change costs money. For most organisations the process of simply investigating energy efficiency or implementing an efficient culture into an organisation can deliver investment returns that far outweigh the cost of developing the understanding. Reducing company overheads not only saves the organisation money it can make the company more resilient to competition and more robust during economic hard times.

Businesses can also tap into the growing thirst from consumers for products and services that have a reduced or no impact on global warming. Some Companies are aiming to reduce the impact of their products and compare the results to the business as usual case, while other companies may be looking to make reductions then purchase carbon offsets to negate the total impact of their products and become Carbon Neutral.

In some cases these actions are used as marketing and media tools while in some other cases the actions may be used to differentiate a product as a more premium rage product with greater environmental credentials than equivalents.

The Carbon Reduction Institute can assist your organisation understand and deliver the opportunities presented from taking action against climate change.

Engage with a CRI consultant to understand how CRI can assist your organisation with a comprehensive climate action strategy.

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