Carbon Neutral Product and
Carbon Neutral Service
Certification Standard

The Carbon Neutral Product and Carbon Neutral Service certifications are for businesses that want to offer carbon neutral products and services.

Reduce Your CO2

We can walk you through how to become NoCO2 certified, implement energy efficiency measures, and achieve certification.

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Carbon Neutral Products and Services Certification

All businesses certified under the NoCO2 Certification can automatically supply accredited carbon neutral products and services.

For other businesses, who may not want to ‘go the whole hog’ but still demonstrate leadership in the fight against climate change, CRI also offers the Carbon Neutral Product and Carbon Neutral Service Certification Programs.

Businesses that offer certified carbon neutral products and services position themselves to attract and retain consumers who want to reduce their impact on the climate.

The Program logo alerts climate-conscious consumers about the action your business has taken in offering carbon neutral products or services and provides them confidence that their purchasing decision will result in positive action in reducing carbon emissions.

How to get started

The first step to certifying a product or service as carbon neutral is to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) by our technical audit team.

The LCA calculates the carbon footprint of the product or service throughout its useful life from manufacture, including all inputs, to transportation and usage through to disposal or cessation.

For example, if your business provides a service that has an easily definable boundary, such as freight services, and wants to only make that particular service assessed as carbon neutral, as opposed to the whole company, CRI would do a comprehensive audit of all emissions resulting from the service itself. A carbon neutral certification for the product or service is achieved by implementing carbon reduction strategies and purchasing carbon offsets for any remaining emissions. For more details on the types of offset projects CRI supports, visit our carbon offset projects.

What are some other advantages?

  • Lower cost than some other certifications
  • Enables marketing to organisations with strict sustainability policy around procurement
  • Enhances environmental image in market place
  • More media opportunities
  • Attracts more Gen Y employees


The Certification Process

How to certify your business


We complete a carbon audit of your business to calculate its carbon footprint. Once your business is certified, audits are completed annually.


Your audit will highlight options for emissions reductions. Our simple to use, online reporting tools will help you track the reductions you have achieved.


Offsetting CO2 emissions is done by purchasing high quality carbon credits which are generated as a result of energy efficiency projects conducted around the world.

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