Become a Certified Member of the Low Carbon Economy

Capture the Climate Conscious Consumer by being a Certified Member of the Low Carbon Economy.

Through its NoCo2 logo certification system, allow the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to Certify YOU!

NoCO2 Business Certification

This is the most widely used certification and is for organisations who want to be sure they have measured and offset all the emissions they are responsible for. This certification offers the maximum marketing and communications benefits. The audit covers all three scopes of emissions and is the equivalent of your company being carbon neutral.

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Carbon Neutral Product Certification

If your business manufactures or distributes products and you see a benefit to certifying them as carbon neutral, this certification offers the assurance that you have accounted for all the emissions associated with the production, transport, and distribution of the product. A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is undertaken by our technical audit team and once certified you gain access to the carbon neutral product logo.

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LowCO2 Business Certification

For businesses in industries or circumstances which deem carbon neutrality unrealistic, the option for Low CO2 certification is available. The organisation still undertakes a greenhouse gas audit; however, it is focused only on the operational impacts of the business, rather than all related emissions. For example, a Travel Agency cannot feasibly offset all their client’s travel which would be necessary for NoCO2 certification, but still want to offset their office impact and engage their staff.

Please note, the above Certification Marks are registered and are exclusive to CRI.

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Who is CRI

The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) was established in 2006 with a mission to create a low carbon economy where organisations and consumers can identify those organisations that have taken genuine action against climate change.

We foster this vision through our NoCO2 certification program, which is a logo certification program that enables organisations to communicate their climate change credentials. Since its inception the program has become widely accepted as the benchmark for carbon neutral accreditation in Australia.

What empowers CRI to certify our clients using our NoCo2 logo certification system?

CRI strictly adheres to the internationally recognised reporting standards ISO 140601 and 14064-2 and the standard upon which they were built, the Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol, established by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in 2001. This methodology will capture 100% of the emissions of any organisation.

Benefits of NoCo2 certification to your organisation?

Besides feeling good about proactively taking steps to protect our planet from client change (and the fact that your staff will love you for it), your organisation will stand to benefit through:

  • Building brand loyalty by communicating achievements through use of logos
  • Increased sales through attracting new climate conscious customers
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased press and media exposure
  • Achieving cost savings and efficiency gains through audit recommendations
  • Education and fostering of low carbon behaviours amongst staff
  • Increased prestige from sustainability leadership
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Ian Kiernan
Chairman, Clean up Australia
We have found the team at CRI to be highly knowledgeable lateral thinkers who consistently provide new ideas and ways of tackling issues, The team at CRI continues to be the calibre of business partner that I am comfortable to refer to you. -

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