Environmental Programs Adviser

Garth has spent the last 20 years building his relationship management, compliance and advisory/consultancy skills working in senior management roles across various sectors including Banking and Finance, Trade Unions, Real Estate and the Construction industry. He has a firm understanding of the challenges that businesses face and has worked with organisations to help make their operations more efficient and seek out new business opportunities.

Garth also has a strong interest in environmental and social issues and is able to couple his interests with his business skills and experience to deliver environmental benefits, cost savings and business growth opportunities to clients of CRI. He is passionate about teaching his children about human induced global warming and the importance of tackling climate change. Garth is committed to ensuring that the planet is protected for future generations and supports a number of environmental causes.

Garth enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his children, socialising with friends and staying up to date with national political issues.