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Carbon Neutral Certification

To overcome the enormous threat posed by climate change, action is required by all sections of society.  The NoCO2 Certification Program empowers your business to take simple, direct and effective action against climate change.  The Program is within the reach of all businesses.  As at 1 October 2016, over 200 businesses have used the NoCO2 Certification Program to implement and communicate their actions against climate change, ranging from large organisations down to small operations.


We offer two different certification levels for businesses that want to address their impact on climate change.  The NoCO2 Certification Program is for businesses that want to become carbon neutral and The LowCO2 Certification Program is for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Please fill out our online form to register your interest in joining either our NoCO2 or LowCO2 Certification Programs.

The Certification Process

How to certify your business


We complete a carbon audit of your business to calculate its carbon footprint.  Once your business is certified, audits are completed annually. 

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Your audit will highlight options for emissions reductions.  Our simple to use, online reporting tools will help you track the reductions you have achieved.

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Offsetting CO2 emissions is done by purchasing high quality carbon credits which are generated as a result of energy efficiency projects conducted around the world.

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Certify Your Business As Carbon Neutral

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