The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) is committed to protecting our environment by encouraging businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. Whether you would like your business to become carbon neutral, are implementing a sustainability policy or are concerned about your organisation’s carbon footprint, the Carbon Reduction Institute can assist you. CRI offers consultancy and carbon neutral certification services including:

Taking action against climate change can require making changes to your business activities. CRI understands these concerns and work closely with our clients to minimise their carbon footprint without significant impact to the business. Talk to us about how you can become part of the solution for climate change today!

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Carbon Footprint

The term Carbon Footprint describes the total climate change impact of a product, business or individual. We can help you negate your carbon footprint and become carbon neutral! Read more…

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are issued in exchange for projects that reduce carbon emissions. The Carbon Reduction Institute exclusively provides carbon offsets from projects that have met our stringent assessment criteria. Find out more

Carbon Neutral Products

Carbon neutral products are those whose embodied carbon emissions have been offset prior to purchase. All our carbon neutral businesses offer carbon neutral products and services.

Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Calculate and offset carbon emissions from your travel, car, home, energy use, or give a carbon credit gift.

Calculate and offset now!












The Carbon Reduction Institute offers two different business certification levels depending on whether you wish to become a carbon neutral or a low carbon certified business:


NoCO2 Certification

A NoCO2 certified business is completely carbon neutral and has accounted for, reduced and offset its total operational greenhouse gas emissions as well as the carbon emissions embodied in the products it sells and uses. NoCO2 certified businesses can sell carbon neutral products and services. If you wish to obtain NoCO2 certification for your business, click here.


LowCO2 Certification

A LowCO2 certified business is one that has reduced and offset a percentage of its total carbon emissions. The percentage reduction is displayed in the LowCO2 certification logo so that consumers are aware of the carbon emissions reduction initiated by the company. A LowCO2 certified business sets a goal to become carbon neutral over a certain period of time. LowCO2 certified businesses offer their products with a ‘Make It Carbon Neutral’ choice. If you wish to obtain LowCO2 certification for your business, click here.

Learn how you can become part of the Low Carbon Economy and exploit the many benefits of becoming a carbon neutral business! For more information on our carbon neutral business certification programme please visit our business certification pages.


Click here to register your interest to become NoCO2 Certified.


So what can you as an individual do to become carbon neutral? Most importantly, we encourage you to reflect on your lifestyle and identify areas in your life where you can easily cut back on carbon emissions. Catching the train to work, taking shorter showers, or turning off your electrical appliances when they are not in use are all easy-to-implement measures that will reduce your overall impact on climate change but won’t influence your lifestyle negatively. Beyond reducing your own impact through saving carbon emissions, you can offset your unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon offsets. The Carbon Reduction Institute offers to offset the climate change impact from your flight, car, holiday or even your family members! Please visit our carbon footprint calculator for more information on how you can purchase carbon credits to offset your greenhouse gas emissions and become carbon neutral.

“We need scientists to design new fuels, we need farmers to help grow them. We need engineers to invent new technologies. We need entrepreneurs to sell those technologies. We need workers to operate assembly lines that hum with high tech, zero-carbon components. We need builders to hammer into place the clean-energy age.”

President Barak Obama

Speaking to the 2014 graduating class of UC Irvine.

“We could go over the cliff. You would hope not. You would hope that people see what needs to be done. It’s not rocket science. It’s not difficult. It’s not even all that costly. It’s actually about the way you think about the world.”

Professor Tim Flannery Australian mammalogist, palaeontologist, environmentalist and global warming activist.

“In thinking one hundred years ahead, we set our community’s course for one hundred thousand years: that humanity will not perish at its own hand but will look back upon its 21st century ancestry with gratitude.”

Bob Brown

Former Senator & Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens.

“Making ourselves the solution, rather than part of the problem is our greatest challenge.”

Arron Wood

Winner of 2006 United Nations Individual Award for Outstanding Service to the Environment

“Wouldn’t we all benefit from living in societies that were more careful, more resourceful, more respectful and more forward-thinking?”

Jane Davidson

Minister for Environment and Sustainability, Wales 2007-2011




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