Engineering Team & Compliance Manager

Seasoned sustainability practitioner with over 11 years of experience at the Carbon Reduction Institute, I have a robust background in sustainability engineering and consulting, specializing in life cycle analysis (LCA) and organisational carbon footprinting. My expertise spans numerous comprehensive LCAs across diverse industries including agriculture, manufacturing, and the built environment; adhering to international standards such as ISO 14040/14044 for product assessments and EN15978 for built environment evaluations. Proficient in utilizing openLCA, ecoinvent, AusLCI datasets, and eTool software; I have successfully guided numerous organisations in reducing environmental impacts of their products and supply chains by pinpointing and addressing environmental impact hotspots. My goal is to leverage this experience to assist clients in significantly lowering the environmental impacts of their products and projects, aiming for meaningful and measurable environmental improvements.  I am dedicated to delivering high-quality sustainability outcomes for stakeholders at all levels.