NoCO2 Certification Program

The NoCO2 Certification Program is the most highly subscribed and successful climate change certification program in Australia.  It is a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to address their negative impact on climate change.  The Program provides businesses with an analysis of their current carbon footprint, strategies to reduce it and carbon offsets to eliminate any remaining unavoidable emissions.  We also assist businesses in communicating their positive action taken on climate change.

Acting on climate change through the NoCO2 Certification Program positions your business as a leader in climate change.  Certified businesses report that the Program is instrumental in them attracting and retaining climate conscious staff and customers.   NoCO2 businesses can promote the positive action they have taken on climate change utilising the tools provided as part of the Program Guide, including the Program logo.  NoCO2 certified businesses can claim to be carbon neutral in marketing and other communications.

The NoCO2 Certification Program can also bring about cost savings for your business by reducing waste and energy use.   By acting now your business will be prepared for the future of a carbon constrained economy, putting your business in an ideal position to seize opportunities and minimise disruption because of changes in government policy on climate change and carbon.

NoCO2 businesses are members of the Low Carbon Economy.  The Low Carbon Economy helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by linking them with other climate-conscious businesses also committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.  It allows businesses to procure products and services that are carbon neutral.

All businesses can act on climate change and support the Low Carbon Economy.  To find out more click here.

Carbon Emissions Audit

To achieve NoCO2 certification, businesses must reduce their carbon footprint to zero.  The first step in this process is to undertake a comprehensive audit of all emissions that a business generates through their activities.  The audit is a straightforward process for businesses to undertake and follows standard accounting principles.

The audit identifies all emissions sources allowing businesses to target reductions in emissions and devise strategies to achieve these reductions.  Any unavoidable emissions are offset by carbon credits.  Annual audits are also completed to ensure that businesses retain their certification and continue to meet their obligations under consumer law, in relation to their claim of carbon neutrality.

Audits are completed in strict accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard which is globally the most widely used and recognised greenhouse gas accounting tool.  A document outlining the assessment methodology can be downloaded here.  The chart below is adapted from the GHG Protocol and displays emissions sources.

NoCO2 Business

A NoCO2 Certification Standard business has a valid claim to carbon neutrality.  The first step in achieving NoCO2 Certification is to complete a carbon footprint analysis.  The analysis highlights for businesses how they are generating their emissions and options for them to explore in reducing their emissions.  Any emissions that cannot be eliminated are offset through the purchase of carbon credits.  Please contact us if you are interested in having your business join the NoCO2 Certification Program.

Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for a low cost, simple way to cut your greenhouse gas emissions?  If so, light emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) are your answer.  They cut carbon emissions and running costs by up to 80% when compared to an incandescent fitting while producing at least the same level of visible light.  LEDs are very long lasting and efficient.  One standard LED can save you up to A$500 in electricity bills during its life as compared to a standard incandescent bulb.


The Certification Process

How to certify your business


We complete a carbon audit of your business to calculate its carbon footprint. Once your business is certified, audits are completed annually.


Your audit will highlight options for emissions reductions. Our simple to use, online reporting tools will help you track the reductions you have achieved.


Offsetting CO2 emissions is done by purchasing high quality carbon credits which are generated as a result of energy efficiency projects conducted around the world.

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