NoCO2 Power Program

The NoCO2 Power Program provides a solution for energy retailers to sell carbon neutral electricity to households and businesses, thereby attracting customers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and take positive action for the climate.  The Program supports electricity retailers by providing marketing and communication support through the provision of our logo and Program Guide and by issuing NoCO2 Power Purchaser Certificates for each customer.

On a quarterly basis, electricity retailers are required to purchase sufficient carbon offsets to negate the impact of emissions created during the electricity generation process for customers who have purchased NoCO2 Power from them.  We calculate the carbon emissions of the power consumed by each individual customer of NoCO2 Power, purchase sufficient carbon offsets to eliminate the carbon footprint of the NoCO2 Power consumed by them and issue the NoCO2 Power Customer Certificates confirming the power consumed by them was carbon neutral.

NoCO2 Power comes at a small additional cost to standard electricity.  The additional cost is determined by the carbon offsets chosen by the electricity retailer.  NoCO2 Power can be offered through the Low Carbon Economy.