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Reduce your carbon footprint through procurement and carbon offset purchases.

Organisations that want to reduce their impact on climate change can do so immediately by reviewing their procurement policy. This is an effective strategy as the largest component of most organisations’ carbon footprint is embedded in the goods and services they consume.

While larger manufacturers have many opportunities to reduce energy consumption, through process and energy efficiency gains, the bulk of service based businesses are limited in what action they can take. However all organisations procure goods and services whether this is simply the stationery they buy through to their largest cost of sale items.

Every organisation can reduce their carbon footprint and support the low carbon economy simply by choosing products and services that display the NoCO2 Certification logos . Ultimately the greater the demand for low carbon products and services the more suppliers will get on board increasing the number and type of carbon neutral products and services available.

CRI encourages every organisation and consumer to take part in supporting the Low Carbon Economy. The Low Carbon Economy is a marketplace for carbon neutral products and services with options in most categories of business.

To find out more at lowco2.com.au.

There are some emissions generated by organisations that they can’t avoid. To eliminate these unavoidable emissions organisations can purchase carbon credits which offset their emissions. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 equivalent taken out of the atmosphere. Purchasing carbon offsets directly supports clean, renewable energy projects and energy efficiency initiatives.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the carbon offset projects that CRI promote also provide other benefits including improvements in the health and welfare of the local populations where the projects are located and provide economic and employment opportunities to them also.

To find out more about how you can offset your organisation’s unavoidable emissions, please complete the Contact Us form below.

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