Milestone Reached at Australia’s Largest Wind Farm

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The Golden Plains Wind Farm (Australia’s largest wind farm) has just achieved something truly remarkable. With the erection of its first turbine, this project is on its way to making a meaningful change in the clean energy industry.

Standing tall at a staggering 122 turbines, this wind farm will have a total capacity of 1300MW, making it the biggest single wind farm in the southern hemisphere.

The construction of foundations for a large battery has also taken place, further enhancing the site’s renewable energy capabilities.

This landmark achievement comes after a year of hard work and determination by TagEnergy, who purchased the project. Despite facing legal challenges. Complaints have been withdrawn and the Victorian government has amended state planning to allow the wind farm to proceed.

This exciting milestone marks a significant step forward in Australia’s clean energy transition. So, let’s celebrate this momentous occasion and look forward to a future powered by the wind!

More Turbines to be Erected

With 122 turbines set to make up the first 756MW, this wind farm is set to be the largest single wind farm in the southern hemisphere. The project will deliver about 9% of Victoria’s energy needs once completed.

It’s a testament to the determination of the team and the support from the Victorian government that allowed this wind farm to proceed.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the turbines go up and to witness the positive impact this project will have on clean energy production in Australia.

Source: Company video
Golden Plains East
Stage 1 756MW, 122 Turbines
Project Total 1300MW, 215 Turbines

Foundation for Large Battery Laid

As the first turbine stands tall at the Golden Plains wind project, the groundwork has been laid for an impressive battery to power the future. The foundation for the battery represents a crucial component of the wind farm’s infrastructure. The battery will play a vital role in storing and distributing the clean energy generated by the turbines.

Source: Company video

This integrated system will provide a reliable and consistent power supply to meet some of the energy needs of Victoria. The battery will enhance the reliability and stability of the electricity grid and help to ensure a consistent power supply.

Reimagining our energy landscape

The Golden Plains wind project is proof of what can be achieved when we commit to a sustainable future. Let’s continue to push for progress, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure a cleaner, greener future for all.

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