Clean Up Australia Day, 2018 – Your business can make a difference!

The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) is once again proud to be partnering with Clean Up Australia (CUA) for the next Business Clean Up Day on February 27.

The nationwide initiative is part of a four-pronged environmental program at the end of summer, which also includes a youth and schools’ clean-up on March 2 and the marquee Clean Up Australia Day event on March 4.

CRI has a long-standing relationship with CUA, and as Major Partner of the Business Clean Up Day, can offer any CRI-certified business the opportunity to register a Business Clean Up site for just $100 (including GST), which is a 33% discount to the regular price.

“We have found the team at CRI to be highly knowledgeable lateral thinkers who consistently provide new ideas and ways of tackling issues,” says CUA founder Ian Kiernan (AO).

“The team at CRI continues to be the calibre of business partner that I am comfortable to refer to you.”

Organisers say Business Clean Up sites can vary greatly; some businesses use the day to clean up at a local area, park, beach or creek, whereas others use it as spruce-up their own office space and kick start environmental programs.

Whichever way participants decide to go, being involved is a fantastic way to be seen as a community leader and engage with your staff, customers and local community, says CUA. Previous Business Clean Up Days have proven to be excellent team building events and great for staff morale.

CRI client Baiada, a privately-owned supplier of premium quality poultry products throughout Australia, can attest to that – Baiada will be back for its 14th consecutive clean up this February.

In 2017, its first year as a CUA corporate sponsor, 255 Baiada volunteers from 43 registered sites around Australia collected 303 bags of rubbish weighing a staggering 3.2 tonne.

Efforts like that helped make a phenomenal difference to Australia’s annual CO2 emissions, reports CRI’s sustainability engineers.

In a study of the total rubbish collected in 2017, CRI calculated that if the 35,000 main pollutants – PET drink and milk containers, alcohol bottles, and soft drink holders – had been recycled, approximately 1100kg of emissions would have been prevented.

“The key is stopping litter becoming rubbish. If everyone took responsibility for the small stuff, it wouldn’t steamroll into the environmental disaster we are facing in the state of our oceans and waterways,” said Mr Kiernan.

“Signing up for 2018 Clean Up Australia Day is the ideal way for every Australian to take a positive position – lots of small actions like picking up local rubbish can help reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic entering oceans worldwide each year.

“We can all play a part by simply caring for our local environment.”

Over the last 27 years volunteers have donated more than 32 million hours at over 171,000 locations across Australia. Together they have removed the equivalent of 344,000 ute loads of rubbish.

CUA had 6500 registered sites in 2017. This year, CRI is hoping to help organisers reach their target of 8000, with its own clean-up site at Taylors Bay, near Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, in operation from 1-4pm on February 27. Locals are welcome to come along and help out.

“This is a fantastic initiative for all Australian businesses to be involved in, whether on the day itself, or at a time that’s more convenient,” adds CRI Operations Director Marvin Van Stralendorff.

For more information on how your business can be involved, visit the official CUA website here.


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