Leonardo DiCaprio Takes a Big Move towards Climate Change

Climate change has taken over a lot of countries in terms of the severe consequences that are causing the deaths of many. As the years pass by, these natural calamities are increasing in frequency worldwide!

However, a lack of focus and adequate measures in addressing the prevailing issue of climate change is considered solely responsible, for these deadly events.

As a matter of fact, while many countries are already handling the climate change concern in various binding ways such as Paris Agreement, some are least bothered to make any contribution.

Speaking of which, the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio also set his foot in by announcing to give out almost 20 million dollars, from his running foundation to tackle the climate change effects.

The provided huge sum is likely to be shared across more than 100 organizations which are supporting marine conservation, wildlife protection, and other climate change programs.

The Big Move by the Oscar Winner

The contributed sum to tackle climate issue may not be enough to completely eradicate the issue or to reduce its effect immensely but nonetheless; it emphasizes on the need of addressing the climate issue at a larger platform globally – especially when we witnessed Oscar winner, making such a huge effort towards the issue that is neglected by many other countries.

The granted sum is so far the largest amount that has ever been donated by Leonardo’sfoundation and that makes the total given out amount almost 60m since the foundation was set up in the year 1998.

While attending a conference on climate change at Yale University – DiCaprio stated;

“We are proud to support the work of over 100 organizations at home and abroad, these grantees are active on the ground, protecting our oceans, forests and endangered species for future generations – and tackling the urgent, existential challenges of climate change.”

These grants are focused on covering the six major areas as follows;

  1. Climate change
  2. Landscape and wildlife conservation
  3. Ocean conversation and marine life
  4. Innovative solutions
  5. Indigenous rights
  6. California climate change program

DiCaprio further stated that;

“Our challenge is to find new ways to power our lives, employ millions of people and turn every individual into an advocate for clean air and drinkable water. We must demand that politicians accept climate science and make bold commitments before it is too late.”

The targeted areas of this contribution include Kenya, Somalia, the United States and the Amazon.

Last year, Leonardo met with the U.S. President Donald Trump and discussed the issue of climate change and ways to boost the economy by adopting greenways. While Trump promised to watch the actor’s movie ‘Before the Flood’, there is a lot more than this which needs attention, to tackle the issue and from many countries around the world.

After witnessing some unexpected decisions by the U.S government to handle the issue, there is a great need of attention by other countries such as France, Australia or Russia to take a big move towards it.

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