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What Are Carbon Neutral Products And Services?

A major part of our personal carbon footprint is “hidden” in the products we consume.  Carbon neutral products and services have had their embodied emissions eliminated through carbon reductions and the purchase of carbon offsets prior to purchase.  One of the best ways for a consumer to reduce their carbon footprint is to purchase carbon neutral products and services.

Carbon Neutral Products and Services

All products and services impact the environment in one way or another during their lifecycle.  The greenhouse gas impact of a product or service is known as embodied emissions.  Embodied emissions are generated by products and services throughout their life from inputs, production, transportation, usage and disposal or cessation.

Luckily, greenhouse gases emitted by products and services during their lifecycle can be eliminated through emission reduction strategies and the use of carbon credits to fully negate the harmful impact of the product or service on the environment.

Surprisingly, the cost of offsetting the emissions for most products or services is small.  For example, the average product purchased within the Australian economy emits around 0.7kg of CO2 for every dollar spent.  Therefore, on average, $100 spent in the Australian economy results in 70 kg of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases.  This seemingly large amount of carbon emissions costs around a dollar to offset.

Buy Green Products

NoCO2 certified businesses can offer carbon neutral products and services without any further assessment or accreditation.  LowCO2 certified businesses can offer their customers the Make It Carbon Neutral option on their products and services.   The Make it Carbon Neutral option allows customers to pay a small additional charge at the point of sale to fully offset emissions related to their purchase.

Businesses that are not accredited as NoCO2, including LowCO2 businesses, can offer carbon neutral products and services provided a life cycle assessment is completed on the product or service offered and all emissions are eliminated by implementing reduction strategies and offsetting any unavoidable emissions via the use of carbon credits.  To access carbon neutral product and services visit our certified participants in the Low Carbon Economy.

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